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ijA TNA`PbB Historical events (historical fact), as originated classic of China, which means that the stories and history lessons were passed down from ancient times.

pA ij ijB Letters of an idiom from Chinese characters based on historical events, the idiom of historical events (postnatal persistence) and historical events phrase (phrase orphan) said. auA B Some were replaced by the words of Japanese origin, in the case consists in saying that. uvuvLB "Polish" and "inconsistent" and is especially famous.


i\j Major historical events (in alphabetical order)

Sight to see

sopAijuB The test isappointed officials in ancient China, the paper but the results were the most (volume) placed on top. ADuvAOpB Thus, the best poetry books in the "piece de resistance" so called, began to be used in addition to books.

^i^j Frog in the well (see the frog pond)

qLKGAvB Toads are in the well, I thought it's the biggest creature. AE~K`B But peering into the sea turtle. qLKG{AqLKGuHvsvcuB The body is many times larger than toads, toads are his "How are you doing this in a narrow" and asked in amazement. qLKGAE~KZSnAUAE~KB Toads do not take issue with that is that, taught to be comfortable to live here the Mock Turtle, andUIMOU him, well that's not what I put to sea turtles are too narrow. E~KZCLAqLKGB And sea turtles and sea space inculcate in their lives, toads were surprised.

A qlpJAFlkAFlzbB This is a Confucian scholar, and asked what the child is worried about Villa's life is not acceptable in my mind, I consulted a friendCHIKAKETA, a friend in the parable of the agezMETA. AjulBALwvB In other words, this man is a Chinese philosopher, "a concept still small. So, see learning in a broader context," is implied.

AAlu^v A u^vA{u^ACmvmB Thus, to narrow the insight, such a "frog pond", "look at the frog pond," so called, in Japan the "frog in the well, knowing the ocean" in the adage that knowledge now.

d_ d_

^qA^ZEB child of Wu Chu, a murdered father and brother to the king pure flat. dB Which can serve tobecause of Wu. qxB Wuthe child went to the Wu and the wealth and military strength to cooperate with Sun Wu. A zAAuB , In battle with the overflow,I injury,ambition is to die in the middle. qvpAzHQB The difference in the joint after her husband's son , vow to avenge H Kings Cross. CYA dQB As I remember it, sleep on the wood. qzjAqHdAz~B With the help of the Vietnamese defeated the Wuchild, on condition that theHOh but wait on the opposite Wuchild, would allow the surrender of Vietnam. H_fAJYA_XBHsent a simple life with the farmers toYRENU the humiliation, when the bitter bile taste and vowed to retaliate. AHjAvYB When will they drop when the power of Wu, WuHthe beat, to kill a husband, King Wu difference. u d_ vAQAnJdB "d_" is for revenge, through a lot of things over a long.

_E_ Lacks the finishing touch finishing touch

A MAA`B Emperor Wu of the countries of the corpus, and the faith thick Buddhist temple built a lot of decorative painting of the temple has been drawn to the painter Zhang. sy4C`B Zhang is theyCapital 4 depicts a dragon dogs. A`AA`GoB However, not all dragons depicted in their eyes, hear with Chang, he would not say itBIoto draw a picture to put the dragon eye. lXMpAB People do not trust it, I asked to try. 2C`B Zhang is the only dragon I painted the eyes of the animal. AO_AAA`2CGB Then, out of the thundercloudCHIKOME, the sound of thunder, the walls of the temple was destroyed by lightning, I draw two eyes and it will fly like a dragon from the pet pictures. lXAB People wonder, admire the paintings of the tensor force. c2Cy`B The dragon's eyes not leaving petyis still drawn to this day.

u_vddvAlwB The "finishing touch" is the importance of finishing last, or it refers to things deserve. iGoAddvAvjB (KIoRU from painting the dragon, the importance of finishing, and may be the size TATOETA). iu_v`dAlLgB I usually "lack the finishing touch" of not finishing last in the form of widely used in the sense that the lack of padding. uvAu_ vB"person" and means "dragon painting Haruaki point" is a clerical error.


a@g`AB CHINAMU to historical events and brought them home safely go to the Qin and bringing theaphase of such a national treasure of Cho. a@LBaphase is described in such detail.

XJ Alarmism

XAVnguSzlB Countries X, who had sleepless nights worried about the idea of a yard for himself and gone out of heaven and earthCHI. ASzAzJwuXJvB Thus, unnecessary worry, anticipate refers to the "unnecessary".

^SS ZU's distrust

RZB Woodcutter trees live in a ri ax had pride. AAB But one day, they lost the ax. AOovoB That's when he suddenly reminded me of the last event. q~CB I feel like it was saying I want my son to see the ax next. AqCARq}pvooB So he went out and worrying about their children, their children, but also happens to run away and I remember saying to some urgent business. AvAvonbB He became increasingly dark, and I want to confess something, and you start to remember something that also. AARuB In fact, the axes of which have been in the mountains for most of his baggage. ARTAuB And try to find a mountain and no one's surprise, was the ax had been left intact.

qLbAu^SAN^vvB This is a kind of parable that is described in the child column, that "to have a mind of his own suspicions, but it seems questionable for whom" the meaning. APtIAul^viAl^OgTjB Also, quite a paradox as a lesson, "the people that I warm^E perfunctory 7" (that is, looking good means to question the identity of his people before) that there is a proverb.

v Use of a fisherman

21AOvB One of the two forces while fighting for one thing, that would benefit from a third party. uZrijvB "Zr(boy?) Fight," also called. Z ijr ijAtgioTF EjB Z (situation) andr(boring beach) to fight for love is a form of metaphor that they are trapped in the fishermen (Source: on measures to Sengoku Yan).

\S Little difference

A bA qqB World Zhanguo, Wang Megumu of Wei is asked to Mencius. uASBAlqBHv qB "I am, I will cherish the farmers are always people from the day. But no sign of the inflow has been attached to the Wei and the people of other countries. This is what?" Said Mencius. uAqB2l|oB100A50B50A100aBvBv uBBv "First, ask the king. The fear of war and two escaped.MITODOMARI some 100 steps away, there are 50 steps andMITODOMATTA. We took the 50 steps, 100 steps laughed and said a coward who ran away. How do you see the king. "" That's funny. to be sure would not have fled. "

uvAqB "Exactly," said Mencius. u\SvwEAqB Compared with other countries and policies of Takashi Ou "little difference" he said, saying the royal road to encourage the Mencius.

AB In other words, much the same. uwvB Similar to the proverbial "much to choose."

n GAn

iVljAnB Father in the country(old man) had a pet horse from his own. nA]xnARA IhqoB The horse, it was tit for around like a bad reputation from a sudden one day, they rushed to beat the bee stung. AnlqAAuNmvAB Photos of the horses to come home absolutely, it was around for sympathy to the Father, Father, "he might have something good happen in this opportunity," saying only that, he waiting to be patient. AB Then? AnnAAB After a while, the white horses haveAREAanother horse. AnDxAXK^AuANvAB Moreover, Yutaka Shiyun is as good as the white horse, around the mouth of theSHI got lucky and I say to you, Father, "This triggered a bad might happen to another" warning her neverBANAKATTA.
\IB The hunch was right. nAB Down from the white horse that he loved grandchildren, I had a leg. t|AluOmvB Hung around the same as a word of comfort, as well as the Father "might be a good sign of things to" tell. AuB Then after a while, neighbors and the outbreak of the war. jFAoAB A young man all theRIoSA the war, was killed. AAEB But Sun said the injury was a narrow escape being drafted. AIAiKB The end of the war, that Father lived happily ever with my grandchildren.

AlAAAsKAKPtA ulijnvgB Thus, human, and sometimes even the poor would also be a good thing, so, unfortunately not worry, be utilized as a language lesson for a festive or happy, "Man (human feeling)GAn all right "and used. `u @ vB Justice and the phrase "@SHI the rope isERU".


OsAB Growth of the Japanese colonial period Qianhan is not tainted by political corruption, the king was in a state of peace. wxZjA nXsB A man involved in politics that Woo and ChangxRU scholars Among themselves, the better the position ofwere all one of luxury. bl_AuAZvB Red clouds, one of the vassalKANETA such a situation one day, the emperor will never create "for the future of the Emperor and his country, the head of Woo Changlie" to say. AtGAB However, the emperor touches on thetthat, he was ordered to the block. A|oiAKB However, he advised him to continue thriving in a prepared|was enough to turnGESHIGAMITSUITA the railing for dear life. nIhc_^SA{vA\AVBShin Kyung some of his aides had always expected that the situation was deeply touched by the true intention of the Sono Shiyu cloud, and it's a rudeTTA this really be thinking of his country, the Emperor in tears complaint,Vto forgive the sins of his time. AhlxASAPsSA`B Then, whenRA such a manner as to adults Shin Sung Emperor and reclaim the, determined to do good administration, told his men to retain the broken railing at the same time as a warning to self .

bAbXulA|vABAB From the narrative, the original meaning of this story "for older people, vehicles|strong" and is a cage the railing, the railing. Ahh"A"hB However, after it goes into "I yell at her sternly," and means, today is "to punish sprinkled with corporal punishment" was to be taken to mean.

Al The general's NZURE, whoSU

l^ Embattled

IO202NA4Ny^IB 202 BC, Han Chu four-year battle was about to end. ^HRDiA M`t]nAlH iKCJjzAUB In the beginning was to promote the advantages of a pure militaryH, beginning to reverse the formation by a Kuni Ryuu the Han Dynasty, and finally corneredH (squid gadgets) built a fort, builtUMOTTA. MRdB Kuni Ryuu But the military had surrounded the fort several times over. AAklHc^B One night, around the fort, I heard a song from pure tetrahedralHthe country from south to north, east and west. HAGR~^l]ABH, and they are so desperate to have people surrender to the forces of Chu Han enemy realized the end.

u l^ vRwAGAgB This is "embattled" refers to the origin of the state and are surrounded by enemies around, used to be isolated.

j_AOETMBSHIN the farm work and that the man died as a chance to snag the rabbit was bouncing in front of him. AvlAuvFB He is happy, and a family game show unexpected, the family is "sell high" delighted that all voices in unison. AjAETMB Then, the man of tomorrow is to diligently makethe tree to stop a plot to make a rabbit waiting. A|AETMB And all the treesRI|SHI, rabbitCHIWABITA to die day in and day out. ARNAjAkcrrAOnRB However, no such accident should occur andNI, obsession is a fun guy around, he plows his fields and the rough gets rough, that was a poorer than ever.

AsPAiAARAB Thus, things are going well is just always that way from the old lesson that, no progress, or, to be foolish to take a gamble like a coincidence, that means. A{uevA`uD vB Today, in Japan, "waiting for the rabbit to keep the stock" has the adage that, in the Proverbs of justice and "Dunder the willow." Aw xwA`[tB Also, CHIBOUKE, children's songs that is a motif of this historical event.


vjAAcxSzAbACzB The man in the country's Song, is so concerned about the slow growth of seedlings planted in their care are kept going into the field every day, absolutely no signs of growth. jcAcB So the man trying to help the growth of seedlings, pulled on the first one seedling. AjbB The man went home tired and said that family. qoAAcyAB Son out of the house heard it in a rush, and go into the field, floating roots from the soil of the seedlings, but had burned down.

uvAA]vQ^AgAPuOvgB From this "encouraged", to help things as it would unnecessarily harm, that began to be used in the sense that, today is simply "a way to help others" in the sense that used.


sA i opjAoB The Changan-ku, Tang,(test appointment of officials) came all the way to receive, was to write poetry is riding on a donkey. rAumvAuvuvvB During the "priest to endorse the gate in the moonlight" in the PhraseZUSAN called "push" the other "KU" I lost itvITSUI the word. jYAA@AB He forgot to take the reins, and pretended to push the door by hand, which tapped or the imitation, not decided it. AlsCAB I was hooked too, had come unawares to a procession of officials from the other side, I ran into it. Assm A sAjAOAsB To make matters worse, the governor matrix Capital Changan, so was the procession of Korea, he was immediately captured, taken before the Korean. o\B He lodged in detail the circumstances of the matter. DAlAbIAuwxB A good stylist, butKorean poet, after listening to the story of, "it's probably betterKU," he said. AlAn_B And two, the suit argues the poem side by side with the horse going.

uAvu vB Thus, "wrote the text, read it several times rethink to improve the wording" to "polish".

Pillow flow Soseki

^jAFlkB Man of Chu Son,CHIKAKETA to talk to my friend one day. lAA |AAvuAvB Is the official himself, and disgusted with this mortal world, such as the seven wise men of the bamboo, and approached to a life away from the madding crowd, in spite of oneself "GI in stone flowSU to" live like I told you. FlAuA A iAARjvB Then laughed his friend, "If you say it,SHI in stoneGU flow (ie, stones and a pillow, to live in harmony with the natural flow of water in the mouthGU ) That's "wave. AwvChjvAuAB AAAS vB This man had a pride in learning the unconscious, "No, not wrong.GI the rocks and brush your teeth with stones, and the flowSURU, including turmoil in world, all flush with water is "to insist on.

AnAuAvB From there, things flownRI always Soseki pillow, "GI in stoneSURU with the flow" now. A OB Meiji-era writer, is said toMU this historical event in the name of Natsume Souseki.


AMdB The festival of the village,TTA the sake of valuable long. AOAB However, lessKETARA fair share, not enough. Aju`A`vB So, the man "depicts a snake now being taken to draw up the first" to take over. AjGAS_B Actually, this guy is good at painting, sponge all his ulterior motive was from the beginning. A[G`nB The gameG`KI to convince other people it is started. jp`IA`]TAtB He finished smoothly and deftly drawn, and only have room to draw a good foot, leg it to the side.

Aj`IAiB However, after drawing in the meantime another man hadMISHI the sake of the prize. njAjuO`vAj_B The first man to make a complaint, after a man took a drink from the "Your creatures are drawn from a foot snake," and told theMO opinion, had to disappoint a man who is good at .

uvA]vB From this "superfluous" and, even if they were too much bother. AIAqoPB The ingenious way to peg it when things should get away with riding gear is also a lesson for them.

Ol Ol

YDjB There was a man liked to play with the monkeys. jAAaB This man must be left to the family, justGARU the monkey, the monkey always rally around the time of feeding. AAuaAqHvzB However, it is because of the wife "and does not reduce the feeding of monkeys, but no children to eat" would bezME. jAB The man is in trouble trying to cage the monkeys out junction, called a unison. ulAijOvAFsB Now, "four nuts in the morning, live (all things) only to fall down three" to tell, all the monkeys are unhappy face. uOAlvAFA[B If it "three in the morning, I ask you if you live four," he said, the monkeys all say, is already convinced.

uOlvAlIxAA{ICtlwtB From there, "Ol", that is screwed toxSU well, from the standpoint of the Apes, the term refers to a foolish person unaware of the fundamental differences of things.

() Wei borrowed tiger (tiger's powerRU Fox)

HB Tiger has eaten it for many animals. A B When there, caught a fox. uNHBVSbBHVwBMNOBvB Fox: "You shall not eat me. God is the king of the beasts. Eat me it would be to violate the order of heaven. I do not believe if you are walking in front of you Let's. Many animals would have to see me run, "and. [sB TSUITEsTTA tiger to convince it to Fox. bpoB The figure was the animal escaped. vFvB The tiger is afraid of him away and they all fled in fear of a fox away.

uvAAwB From this "foxRU the authority of the Tiger" is not a big deal that was to point to swell the bulk came to power and prestige.

ww 's Boats

^A MdM20l3UB When war Chu Han, Han Shin's service of the Kuni Ryuu the forces of Han Zhao approximately 20 people went to 10,000 three difficulties that must be captured by the soldiers. MAIpARc(n)OzwB Shin Han forces to win a few, dare to ignore the book of tactics, not the river cover the Legion (the dead) before the lineup. oB The victorious soldiers are prepared to struggle to the death with the lack of shelter. nAuwwvB In the corner by himself, can exert the most "'s boats," so he said.


^A B The countries of Chu, was to be sold to shield and pike. luvAusvqB The man on the pike, "the pike can pierce the shield, no matter how robust" and is about shields "to pierce the shield but not pike, no matter how sharp," the pitch. quAvAlB So the customer heard it, "whatITARA a shield in the pike," Listen, who was selling at a loss for an answer.

uvu viQjB That this "does not of things," the "contradiction" (explained further that the additional paradox).

u I. Theu

rwJ B Historical events in China can try to extoll the learning to thinking. `RB And the origin of the tradition.

  • WAnRuB Yun car era of Aduma Susumu, was studied in light of the fireflies to light oil for the poor could not afford the house.
  • lANAOB Similarly, Kang's son around the same time, the night was a study in the light reflected from the snow outside the window.
  • AldwAoB And these two disciplines repeatedly by the rise to the officials of the Imperial Court toJI.


R Lesson


wikt:VDQ More wikt: seeVD

GO Doggery

WcB That there is no unity in the group pieces. VA ba^S邳肜GY]B When the whirlwind of the new terminal, to historical events CHINAMU this]SHITA forces of a hostile kingYviceregal邳肜 County Kazu Ebisu was a retainer of Emperor Take Akira.

Hw Have a mind

Pick of the litter

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fv Heartbreak

j| Unopposed

{] {]

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na aRU a cryingn

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