RI[iCgjb|T^f[XyVEWI Fukuyama Masaharu ORUNAITONIPPONSATADESUPESHARU spirit of radio

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IgimOR@precious time OTONANOGURIKO precious time

RI[iCgjb|T^f[SPEWI Fukuyama Masaharu ORUNAITONIPPONSATADE of SP Soul Radio
W Genre oGeBg Variety Shows
Broadcast system AH^ Live recording in rarely
Broadcast period 2000N 325 ` 2000 March 25 --
Broadcast time Tyj23F30-25F00i90j Every Saturday 23:30-25:00 (90 minutes)
Broadcasting jb| NBS
lbg[N Network NRN ij NRN (except some)
p[\ieB Personality R Fukuyama Masaharu
o Cast v Hisashi Akira mouth Villa
Planning NGXg Request More Soul
TCg Official Site TCg Official Site
L: Notes:
2004N1`2004N39`oA2004N3jb|AiET[A9~REA~[Y Villa mouth in January 2004 to March 2004 and appeared in the September-October, 2004 to March is announcer NBS, September Amuse member firms affiliated with Fukuyama
\ E b E E History Hen talk table

w RI[iCgjb| T^f[XyVEWI xi--AFWijjVK[\OC^[oDRAjb| AiET[t[AiET[v (o2004N 1 - 3N9~)p[\ieBjb|WIgB The radio SATADESUPESHARU allnightnippon soul of Fukuyama Masaharu (the left stick draper - ghost -, aka: Radio Spirits (TAMARAJI)) is the actor Fukuyama Masaharu and singer-songwriter, currently free Broadcaster former NBS Hisashi Akira mouth announcer Villa (cast in 2004, a month - 3 year and 9 through September) is a radio program of the NBS's personality.


[ W ] gTv Summary program

  • Jn2000N 325 B The program started in 2000 March 25. kCSlbgB Nationwide to Kagoshima from Hokkaido. RgB Shows the crown of Masaharu Fukuyama.
  • gu I[iCgjb| vtA hA`WI!WxW!ggeAI[iCgjb|u BITTERSWEET SAMBA vgpB Shows the name of "Nippon, all-night" is the name of but without justice radio Sukegawa durian! Jean Bell Jean! Or affect the show after the time frame is also the pronoun allnightnippon "SAMBA Bittersweet" is used premises. A [Yu Do You Remember Rock'N'Roll Radio? vgpB Instead, RAMONZU "Do You Remember Rock'N'Roll Radio?" Are used. GfBORI[iCgjb|gpA GbNENvgu Tears in HEAVEN vB Ending the song had been used during Japan's all-night Fukuyama Masaharu, Eric Clapton's "Tears in HEAVEN".
  • R1992NwRI[iCgjb|xSAV[YSRSARguWIvJn2NfAiCeBiC i2009N715N3jSB Fukuyama is from 1992, Fukuyama Masaharu allnightnippon of charge, and the entire series is that we long for most, but Fukuyama, Fukuyama show "Soul Radio" to begin broadcasting two years suspended for a period NAINTINAIN speaking broadcast (2009 of July 15 years 3 months) will be responsible for the increase. iR2009N7AiCeBiC15N1jAw iCeBiCI[iCgjb| xA1994N6j1SRyiScA[j3g}FiCeBiCB (Fukuyama, 2009 As of July, a month after NAINTINAIN 1915)MINI, the NAINTINAIN allnightnippon is, until Thursday 6 March 1994 is a music Masaharu Fukuyama was in charge of the department (national tour) The three had been chosen NAINTINAIN}the frame of months to spare. rARSj1pI[iCgjb|jSB Move the middle hour but Thursday was in charge of the Fukuyama has been responsible for a Thursday allnightnippon now taken over from the Department. AiCeBiC2000N 92jQXgoA 2007N 8252lQXgoiA23:30`24:00{ernM[giCiCTCY!SA24:00oBjB Back to the NAINTINAIN 2000 September 2 to cast Okamura Takashi guests on Sunday, August 25 at the 2007 broadcast of two made a guest appearance for the whole person (although this time - 24:00 to 23:30 NAINAISAIZU regular series programming NTV! was in charge, from 24:00 in the cast.).
  • ALyjb|1` Lyjb|2I[iCgjb|V[Y2008N10SiCiCR2gB Incidentally, the NBS Yurakucho Odaiba old building as a complement to an old building from period to period of Nippon Broadcasting's Yurakucho allnightnippon two series until 2008 during the 10 buildings that are still in charge of this Hukuyama Nai Nai only two pairs.
  • C^[lbg2000N42004N9sB 2000 live online from April 2004 was up 9.
  • 2000Ng5NZI i j ` j j22ChgAyj"W"C^[QbgANzXi[eHANzwLXi[lCA A2000N4XyVEB[NAgbvA2000Njb|\gB 2000 shows most of the age of 5 during the week that you had to end in a short period of year (Monday to Friday) for 22 units and the long program at the difference this Saturday's "Spirit Radio" is the main target Not only students are in a rare post from older listeners, the most stubborn layer of listeners ranging from middle and high school seniors, the rate of good hearing, and in 2000 the top rate of hearing in the continuum from Week Special Monday maintains, show 2000 is the typical age of Nippon Broadcasting. 2010Nt g10N}B Continue this program will be some reorganization going on in the spring of that year's 10 anniversary.
  • 2008N29ARM^[uuMASHA's Guitar Campvi r[YEu[gELvpfBjJnAgjbgSOH+ i\EvXBRvf[XA KOH+pfBjB 2008 February 9, guitar classes by Fukuyama "MASHA's Guitar Camp" (a parody of the boot camp BIRIZU) is started, the program unit SOH + (SOUPURASU. Produce Fukuyama, KOH + parody) formed. ~AtAWIRM^[R[hB Later, with one song live in Villa, who teaches radio code but Fukuyama guitar. XAsf40aLO3Ajbge[}\OuStand by mevIB Gradually got to do, Villa 40sfof mouth about a birthday, anniversary back in three months, the unit theme song "Stand by me" to showcase. mixiSOH+R~jeBlA{KOH+lB Incidentally mixi in the number of community SOH +, KOH + of origin is more than the number of them. {l\zlCAt@uSOH+cvbB This is a higher-than-expected popularity of the person's mouth Villa fans since forming "SOH + of ..." is talking.
  • gI[vjOAAoCNDRuoCNv AXCu``vgpB Opening the show as a greeting, like Fukuyama's bike "this bike", a little chubby mouth rather Inn, "this whip whip" is often used. Xi[[ogpA[pB Listeners are writing e-mail to use them quite useful for many applications by mail or on. V^CgpB If the new song is about some of the quotes and song lyrics and titles. h}fliuAiCgvuKI vun vjB The same is true for movies and dramas (eg "this ammonite" "Leo Galli tonight" "Ryoma tonight"). AXi[[pgB Greetings are also frequently used e-mail from listeners. GfBORuoCNv A]DuoCXNv iuoCZR[vjgpB Fukuyama in ending the "Bike and dust", one of the Inn is like a bike "BAISUKURU dust" (pronounced "dust BAISEKO" close to) to be used carefully.
  • ORuWIEvAXi[uvB Fukuyama, the former "radio's national treasures" that were referred to as the listener is "king" called. AXi[uvuvB Accordingly, the audience is "people" and "You" and called. A gAC[ugvB Also, it took over as ambassador to the home when the mail on Nagasaki Nagasaki is the "ambassador" and also called.
  • N1NR[i[ij4AXB Every year around a corner (plan) is set to broadcast up to four months and then tend to do that. 2003NxAMWIyiAMWI[BjA2005Nx}VpbA2006NxIWiRh[ iFIRjA2007Nxw ^[ `{NWIXIJ`B 2003 AM radio dissemination plan (at that time there were a lot of emails off to AM radio.), 2005, Department of English MASHA 2006, condom Original Soul (abbreviation: Oricon), 2007's Tower Tokyo - I Mom & Radio - and when we. A2008NARoCN`[uLycrazy horsevUXEF[fKAuzevCAAuR[i[vB The 2008 team bike to the Fukuyama private "Yurakucho crazy horse" of the six visited Sweden in the second trip, in Shimazu Yutaka Along "" HotelCGATSUKI amazing lyrics that, shortly after returning home. " Corner of the lyrics of the song amazing, "continued. ` uzvA NY uvuwvA u6vRCB CHIYO Okumura "slavery of love", Kurosawa Toshio "dance mask," "sometimes like a whore" and was featured, Matsuzaki Shigeru in the "6 Days of Love" Fukuyama favorites. R[i[JX}IB In this corner is the presence of the charismatic and thanks NAKANISHI.
  • ggpuvtAgVIB Used in the show "a solid first" word, it means the first showing of his new songs. AXi[WIOAAB In this case, the listener will kneel in front of the radio, on the Kio Mukai by half a point, the broadcast mustKANE more out of my mouth. AuvOCMyuK}`vB In addition, similar language as "a solid first" before CM if the flow of the music and the "juice GAMAN." gRl^\B Fukuyama also in various other programs that can take a statement or representation and dirty.
  • 2009N 418ARVu g vIwikipediaLLqGAwB 2009 April 18 broadcast on Sunday, Fukuyama's new song "Incarnation" We first demonstrated the wikipedia description of the items mentioned above, is to insist on say that most of Villa's mouth.
  • g24AB In air at 24 will have the flow and the movement of a clock to that time. gjb|AbrRu12IR[B The program according to the Times of the NBS, Fukuyama even talk during the "12 o'clock!" He called.
iu iCeBiCI[iCgjb| vij25:00-27:00jiCeBiCju2IR[OgpB2009N~u gbI[iCgjb| vu cDI[iCgjb| v2R[Bj ( "All Night Nippon's NAINTINAIN" (Thursday 25:00-27:00) according to the Times of the Okamura Takashi NAINTINAIN but "when." Okamura call and have to use it long ago. 2009 Since the "Japan's Satoshi Satoshi Yoshioka all night is going to rent" and "All Night Nippon Shirota You's" but the two calls.)
  • 2008NA iuXyVEB[NvAHB Since late 2008, the survey period listening rate (the so-called "weekend specials" and will now be broadcast on the pan while I eat?
  • wt@A^NV[^]^nsYASWlI`XXAXi[ELAXi[EB Students and fans, as well as employees of certain companies and real estate conglomerate of taxi drivers to shopkeepers in the so-called adult toy stores and railway officials, the broader professional audience, in less than non-professional listener and words break even. g[NfAbeI@REuBNvRB Talk about quick response, the name and drill down to the mouth parts Hukuyama Shiyou technical content of the story, "I do not know. Please help me" to be sent to experts to answer that as soon as the leak.

2006N 1072008N 329A jb|BgB 2006 October 7, from 2008 March 29 during the day, broadcast in Japan is the only program withRU the day after the organization if the broadcast time.

[ W ] LO Memorials times

2007N1124AOq2007N77niRoAJEgjAOT1117u400HvAuT400v[B November 2007 for broadcast on January 24, 2007 July 7, the above times to be sent back to the local office (did not appear to have Fukuyama, broadcasting time does not count) where the previous Week of November 17th "in a broadcast today that 400 times?" or, "It's 400 times in the next week," the mail arrives. g400cAXi[1117B In fact, the show did not get 400 for one day, actually broadcast from Sunday, November 17, listeners had to ask how many times a second.

[ W ] gA Special program and other related

[ W ] X|T[ Sponsors

During the course of writing this section is MB This section is being written. MA B Touch, we want to help to correctSARU.

I[iCgjb|i25:00`27:00jAgO[JZ[XgB Allnightnippon is currently broadcast (25:00 to 27:00) Unlike the first half of the show local sales quota. AgR}[VAg`A tB[yB This flow of commercials or broadcast until the middle of the program, and broadcasters of the propaganda program, and the flow of filler music.

Jnjb|CX|T[A^CgX|T[^CgB The NBS is broadcast from the start with the main sponsor was the official name on the title and called it the crown of the head of the title sponsor name. Ajb|23:30gJnR^CgR[A2005N1217n(n`b)B The only 23:30 Nippon Broadcasting has been called the crown title Fukuyama at the start of the program, December 17, 2005 until Sunday's episode where local stations are flowing in the (local stations are in the beginning Most are just a few seconds silence). ACX|T[PAX|T[B The main sponsor, not a single offer, including the sponsor's offer.

  • 2000N32002N9AuhA`WIvX|T[xlbZR[|[VX|T[Ajb|^Cgu i[~`Wg[N^C R- vB 2000 from March 2002 until September, "the justice of radio Sukegawa Dorian" is sponsored by a sponsor Benesse, the official title in Nippon Broadcasting, "Fukuyama Masaharu ZEMICHARENJITOKUTAIMU Susumu Ken -" was.
  • 2002N102007N9Jr[X|T[Ajb|^Cgu Jr[ ~bhiCguCN R- viAgJr[SX|T[AlbgJr[CMBjB 2002 from October 2007 to September is about the sponsors of the Karubi largest confectionery company, the official title in Nippon Broadcasting, "Fukuyama Masaharu MIDDONAITOBUREIKU Karubi -" had been (but, in the second half of the program Karubi The sponsor, the Department of Karubi the net flow of CM.).
  • 2007N101CX|T[Ajb|DHCEKXB From October 2007 for one month is not the main sponsor, the Nippon Broadcasting DHC was provided by several of the Tokyo Gas Company. Ajb|`bB Limited period, for a few seconds at the beginning of broadcasting in Japan has been silent.
  • 2007N11]ORX|T[Ajb|^Cgu IgimOR precious time R- vB 11 crowns in 2007 and sponsored by Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. from the leading confectionery company, the official title in Nippon Broadcasting, "Fukuyama Masaharu OTONANOGURIKO of precious time -" now. RORuA[hv~IvCMovB This is the Fukuyama Glico "AMONDOPUREMIO" seems to be the result of the CM had been cast. 2008N10CX|T[ACMtB[B But 2008 is no longer the main sponsor again from 10 March, the company was once part of the CM in the flow of filler.
    • Az[y[W^CguIgimOR-vAuIgiOR-vAiEXB The crown on the home page is the title "OTONANOGURIKO -" that is, broadcast "OTONAGURIKO -" have been announced. AORerR}[VAebvuIgimORvi[VuIgiORvvB It's like TV commercials Glico, the ticker "Roh Glico man" even though the narrator is "OTONAGURIKO" to be said.
  • CMtB[WOA^Cgo[WAZko[Wiu R()EWI vjB CM in the filler and jingles, and the version of the official title, the shortened version ( "Fukuyama Masaharu (the) radio for the soul" only) is present. WO^CgR{lB Read the title of the person Fukuyama jingles. 2008N104w e^Xg xJTAfqzo[WB October 4, 2008, who allegedly committed X number of weeks after its release, has been broadcasting a special version of his audience saw through the movie.

[ W ] jb|X|T[ Sponsors of the current NBS

[ W ] Broadcast time

  • Tyj 23:30-25:00im23:30-24:58j Saturday 23:30-25:00 (23:30-24:58 exact)

[ W ] R[i[ Main section

gRXi[Te[}[t[g[NWJA I[iCgjb|g[LOFMeR[i[B Program is developing a free e-mail while in line with the theme of the week off it was from the listener and talker Inn Fukuyama, Japan, and talking all night FM corner posts that were not present.

[ W ] NGXg request for the soul

  • FNB Aka: Ricou occasionally.
  • RNGXgR[i[B Corner want to request a song to sing in Fukuyama. AGs\[hB The song is a story and write about it.
  • RgNGXgAReA[eBXglcAJ AASIONAyTUI[X^[YA[eBXgARXsbcARA[eBXgNGXgLB If you request more of his songs, Fukuyama, Shogo Hamada artists influenced by Fukuyama, Izumiya Shigeru, Miyuki Nakajima, SION, Southern All Stars and senior artists of the office, and Fukuyama's generation Spitz , songs that are requested by the wide range of artists and Masayoshi Yamazaki. imyJo[B In the usual way it is sung not heard much of Western music.
  • Jr[CX|T[2002N10`2007N9pXi[uJr[viJr[iljv[gB Karubi was the main sponsor of the 2002 October to 2007 September is the listener used the "blind soul Karubi" (assorted items Karubi) was present. A2007N11~pXi[uIgimORlvi]ORiljv[gB Also, in 2007 after 11 months of the listeners used the "bag of the soul OTONANOGURIKO" (assorted items of Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.) are present.
  • 2002N10` 2008N 412R{l\SiA^sjA2008N419AAVX^gv\SB 2002 October - 2008 April 12 broadcast Sunday that he had notice of the person responsible for Fukuyama (several times, but was making^RI reformation), April 19 from 2008, one of Villa Assistant who are subject to Hisashi Akira. RsB The reason for the replacement is unclear.
  • A2009N7\p~B The 7 was abolished in 2009 further notice. RsB Reason why is unknown.

[ W ] db Soul Phone

  • AgXi[dbB Most recently is no longer, the phone can connect directly with listeners on the show. gXi[dbAgB But it also put a call to listeners in other programs, many more programs.
  • dbqu}V}VvAjqu}VAdbBvWOB If the girls would call "MASHAMASHA" If men "MASHA, telephone." Jingles flows.
  • AdbRuHvAXi[u}V}VvAAXi[uvuvlB However, Fukuyama is in "if" and say, the listener is "MASHAMASHA" It is the answer, itRAZU recently, the listener is "wrong" or "Hello" Some people would answer. AuoCNvlB Sometimes, "this bike" and some people say. iARg[LOFMdbouHvAXi[u}V}VvBj (Incidentally, when FM Fukuyama has come to the phone conversation, but "what if?" And say something, the listener is "MASHAMASHA" answer.)
  • gJnNAdbbAdbu}VA`vWOBMINI years from the start of the show, but having a phone conversation with one, when you tie up the phone "MASHA, OSHIMA soon to be" some jingles. iAdbq{FgBj (Recently, we have not used it as a zero or a decrease in the number of connecting to the phone.)
  • 1xB A few months now has been about. 2007N1222A2008N216A2008N89A2009N214A2009N725A2009N815B In 2007 December 22, 2008 February 16, 2008 August 9, 2009 February 14, 2009 July 25, 2009 August 15 minutes were broadcast.
  • A2009N214u}V}VvWOB The February 2009 14 Minutes broadcast Sunday on "MASHAMASHA"RENAKATTA the jingle.

[ W ] X^bt Staff

J iu iCeBiCI[iCgjb| vSBj2006N10B Kayo Kawashima ( "Nippon NAINTINAIN the all-night" in one of the authors.) Retired in 2006 with 10.

[ W ] lbg Internet Bureau

  • kCASTVWIlbgA2002N3lbg~A2002N4`2003N9kClbgfA2003N10HBCWIlbgJB In Hokkaido, the original STV is the Internet and radio, the Internet in 2002, discontinued March 3, 2002 to 2003 in Hokkaido during the months of disruption in the network, October 2003 HBC resume online radio . [1] [1]
  • A KBCWIgJnJRNPRKBWIlbgB In Japan, Fukuoka is, KBC from the initial program start, not a single radio JRN RKB has the Net radio. [1] [1]
  • LNRNCWIlbgB In wide areas Nakagyo The NRN is that the net Toukai radio station is affiliated. [1] [1]
  • TBC2000N10A YBSERCC2002N4A ROK2004N4A IBSN10A KBS2005N10AlbgJnB TBC was in October 2000, YBS RCC in April 2002, ROK was in April 2004, IBS in October the same year, KBS was in October 2005, and net start.
  • {A OBCCRK ijb|glbgjlbgAKBSmCYMB About Prefecture Hyogo and Osaka is, OBC and Jae-Osaka stations in and CRK (the net of the NBS shows that some independent stations) and not the net, KBS are often difficult to get the noise have been receiving state. AJRT A RSKlbgMon\B However JRT, RSK can receive in the region around a network and can be heard. NRNnWICRTA WBSROK2009N328B NRN radio system also has CRT but also off the air, WBS and the ROK in March 2009 for 28 days with a cut-off.
SlbgA I[iCgjb|#eglbgQB For more information about the national network stations, Japanese all-night # to view a list of online office programs.

[ W ] A See also

i RI[iCgjb|pgBj (The successor program allnightnippon the Fukuyama Masaharu.)
iNGXgpfBuLcNNGXgvR[i[BFLNj (A parody of the request of the soul "of the spirit of Akira Hitoshi Arita request" in the corner. Aka: Ricou soul Yes)

[ W ] r Footnotes

  1. ^ a b c[1I[iCgjb|kCSTVWIAKBCWIAnJRNPCBCWIAAYnuI[iCgjb|vg2SlbgNB ^ A b c allnightnippon from one night when the radio STV Hokkaido, Fukuoka KBC Radio City Nakagyo JRN is the sole and CBC have been broadcast on the radio, this results in the region, "All Night Nippon" and get a name 2 shows that the strange phenomenon that happens to share office network. nAgg|mOtBeBmI[iCgjb| i2009N1jj`sAI`B Also in these areas, the Okano Akihito allnightnippon Porno Graffiti to continue this program after the program (a move in 2009 from Tuesday to Monday) is the advertising, promotional and that the other stations as a result.

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jb|yj23:30`25:00 Nippon Broadcasting Saturday 23:30 ~ 25:00
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