I Norika Fujiwara

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Fuji straw Rika
I Norika Fujiwara
vtB[ Profile
Alias {Fw IF I Real name: Norikawmaiden name: Norika Fujiwara
Nickname P Princess ride?
N Date of birth 1971N 628 June 28, 1971
N The current age 37 37-year-old
t^ Blood type A
TCYi2006N_j Nominal size (as of 2006)
g / d Height / weight 171 cm / 52 kg 171 cm / 52 kg
BMI BMI 17.8 idj 17.8 (low weight)
X[TCY Three sizes 88 - 60 - 89 cm 88 - 60 - 89 cm
uTCY Bra size E
/ g Inseam / height ratio 88 cm / 51.5 % 88 cm / 51.5%
fr[ Debut 1993N 1993
W Genre D Actress
Other activities i MC
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I i A{w I A 1971N 628 - jA {D A f B Norika Fujiwara (Rika straw Fuji, whose real name Norikaw 1971 Jun 28 -), a Japanese actress and model. ~X{OvB Miss Japan Grand Prix winner. TfC B Office belonging Someday. v|lwq B My husband comedians of qw.


[ W ] N Timeline

[ W ] l People

  • _eaqw w pwB Kobeeaqw University Department of English and American literature graduate.
  • iA p 2At3B Qualification, the English Test Level 2 and Level 3 and kimono dressing.
  • AA ^ A Ag[jOAfA ^S A X|[cSAA}}bT[WB Hobby, the woman polish, photography, fishing, pressure training, watching movies, tango and sports in general, the aromatic massage.
  • vocAw34lB Father of the design office management, full-time housewife and mother of 3-year-old younger brother of a family of four.
  • woXPbg{[AZB Belonging to the Ministry of junior high school basketball, and the high school storyteller Committee had belonged to. |ueavB Named the "Pavilion affinity bonito."
  • ^sqiw SRS xgRXvAg5060usqvep2007N216w X|[cjb| xC^r[jB Built by Fujiko Mine and the pride is similar to (the SRS in the show's costume with the matter, his 50-year-old is 60 years old, "Fujiko Mine" want the appearance of the 2007 February 16th The Sports, said in an interview.)
  • aRogeOImf[gAvo[uImvuvIB Wakayama Prefecture before the marriage of his parents, who often INO date in the area and the memorable "INO" "fragrance" was named after Norika.
  • eIA1~XaRReXgoA~XIB Norika mother and the young at the same big, the first contest played in Wakayama mistakes, but was not chosen as Miss. |\EB The entertainment industry is opposed to family members did enter. IA~XRoIA|\IB So expect Norika, MISUKON daughter to play a positive and very supportive to the performing arts activities, he said. 2006N1210[ABAwe^BAeB 2006 December 10 at the time of betrothal, to hide one's head down and her face was in the car for the ride, double as reporters have been photographed, did not mean the double. AN530IuEB In addition, on May 30 of that year's first wedding Cathode ray tube with aTTA father.
  • w`xA|\Efr[Vs@dA _EWHkemlSucBvAeB The principle is written oneself according to Fujiwara, and her debut and the first bullet train from home to work on the plane was passing through the Great Hanshin Earthquake inSKUSHI relatives and acquaintances, "with regret some unfinished die I do not like. I dream of my life going into the "determination and, apart from his parents decided to come to town, she said. AcsAuoABvIIFB At that time, in the family meeting, his mother, "I KATTARA success we come back." Ultimately it is up to be admitted. AgbNsB Tokyo when his father on a truck piled with luggage went to Tokyo.
  • GuvuvBGDaikoku and the "vision of starch" "vision of sowing" relationship with the caller.
  • WIDJp[\ieBNlqeAgw xi jQXgo[3] B Is a radio personality DJ Misa Tamakawa in the same age in the Kansai friendship ties with people, show her the Tamagawa ManabiTA (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.) was a guest appearance [3].
  • wA[wB Feng shui taken as a learning, learning seems pretty deep. wqEzfUCi[RB And aboutqassociatewmarriage architectural designer and feng shui Sato Yumi stay straight to get to be expected.
  • CHAGE and ASKAASKAZAfr[ASKAAdYASKAkuKvAfASKAATvCYoB CHAGE and ASKA the ASKA attached as a brother and his soon-to ASKA met in a pub, was suffering in terms of job she was consulted ASKA "must sell" and said the film soon ASKA have decided to stage a surprise emerged in greeting.

[ W ] lx for international cooperation and humanitarian aid activities

  • 2002NADLEWNA TbJ[E[hJbvePgNpAvAKB In 2002, South Korean actress Kim Yoon Jin exchanges with the Korean people during the year, the World Cup soccer tournament co-hosted by Japan and South Korea was appointed a goodwill ambassador, to contribute to exchanges between the two countries, also visited the Blue House.
  • AtKjX^Aer|[gsAXg^ZpgnsA2004N2005NJICAis@l@\ jws[XEg[NE}\x^A^W{ensAlxtW`eB[wB After the civil war in Afghanistan went to the bombed-out was about the TV report, originally from wearing a hobby using photographic techniques in the local press and from 2004 to 2005, JICA (Japan National Cooperation), the Peace Marathon agree to talk, a photo exhibition held in various parts of Japan, seeking donations of humanitarian assistance activities and charity work.
  • 2006NA AX^bt^eB[^sAXz^OB In 2006, United Nations staff during the independence movement was in chaos in East Timor to cover the photo to press ahead toward the house at the time of RAMOSUHORUTA also invited foreign ministers. j[[Nsxi^WJAJXs[`sB After New York in a national photo exhibition held to support the appeal, made a speech at the opening ceremony. AiB Annan also met.
  • 2007N{\LgA2008N1oOfVAnP[QB In 2007 the Japanese Red Cross Society's public relations envoy, and went to Bangladesh January 2008, covering the hurricane damaged villages.

tQ{meA{mAAAtJvb i{mT~bgbZ[WrfIoj Friendship with U2's Bono, and Bono will visit Japan on contact, the current African and international contributions to talk about (the summit to create Bono also appeared in a video message.)

[ W ] X|[cw profound knowledge of sports

  • TbJ[WtePgOA2002N1012lFCjtH[X|T[iNORIKA NETjACB W for the soccer World Cup in Japan and South Korea other than goodwill ambassador, 2002, in the October-December in Yokohama FC's shirt sponsor (NORIKA NET) was not appointed. g[jOEFAX|T[B Training software also is a sponsor.
  • iZiiZAu_jlvDjtWerw K-1 xpi@A2003NtWerf2N1xwE_xiB Fighting to become familiar with the (martial art itself, the "spirit of manly man" I like to say) will be broadcast by Fuji Television Network's K-1, served as chair of the relay, in 2003, Fuji TV Aired exclusive during the two years served as chair of the World Judo.
  • 2004NAtWerAelIsbNLX^[B In 2004, Fuji TV's Athens Olympic Games was without wheels.
  • nuCLT[vnteB Racing belongs in the "ROIYARUKYANSA" is the godfather of the horse. LT[IAauIvB Cancer means a crab, and the birth of a constellation Fujiwara, "Cancer" in tribute. nnAxCUItBX\VB The horse's owner, Fujiwara has given support IZAWAOFISUVrepresentative, Ken.
  • ZMBSIbqZueB[|[^[oACIB In high school MBS SEBUNTINRIPOTA appear as a selection of Koshien, tears at the end of the mission. IfB A wedding reception that the film was washed away. MBSfX`[^B Today MBS broadcast video and still photos of the materials are stored.
  • iZgw SRS xrWANC[A1999NB Fighting information shows the SRS, was the first BIJUARUKUIN, graduating in 1999. AjA AfBEtO A au A tVXREtBHiAGLVrW}b`IB In doing so, to celebrate the graduation Fujiwara, Andy puffer fish, Kazushi Sakuraba, FIRIO Francisco and other prominent fighter who meet in their respective EKISHIBIJONMATCHI show or demonstration. AfBEtOugAiZjBiZBvtAS[4] B When Andy puffer "You have graduated from this program, you are part of the history of martial arts. For all time, please continue to love martial arts." Given the word, and was very touched by the 4].
  • vAIveORiYz[AORq[[C^r[LcuvljB Professional baseball for a wedding reception on the day her husband have become friends with Makoto Imaoka and Zirou SusumuOR not leave the winning homer, a hero interviewORtold reporters: "Today is a great pleasure to hit" two blessed . IAz[gbL[l`Ivv[gB Reception in the second leg and rushed to the next meeting, when it hit a home runU Truckee Norika dolls were a gift to his wife.

[ W ] w profound knowledge of comedy

  • ZAAueaJcIvAXfr[AuCNO[Jw NCY!a xAVX^gi1993N101997N12jAicag[NSADR~JZZ^B High school age, into, "affinity bonito Pavilion" in the name of the storyteller, and also after his debut, before Blake's Kansai local quiz!aSwallow's first assistant (October 1993 to December 1997) There was, of the host when aShimada was involved in and talk to the heart of her understanding of comedy and comic acting as an actress was asked to contribute to the improvement of performance is . auIlIvBawhen the town decided to "fight the location and Tokyo! Never underestimate subarctic to think!" And was encouraged. aFBastill have the companionship.
  • FI^NNoA^pXSAh}w 59v|[Y x^g wqAwR~J^b`ZIAh}nbs[GhlnB Beautiful women geeks and the young man met the initial revulsion, but it gradually into a serious courtship posture was inspired to finally be linked to the drama's proposed 59 th at stand-up comedian wq played a starring role with the KOMIKARUTATCHIwhad breath and also to demonstrate the performance, as well as a happy ending of this drama started dating to marry led to.
  • wqOAw l^! xDonDokoDonRq[ Aw E`` xJ{VAN^gB In otherqw, you carry your life! In DonDokoDon Yamaguchi Makoto Tomo, is MENZUU? Information - In death squad after rain in the Miyasako Hiroyuki and co-star in recent years and a lot of stand-up comedian.
  • tWerx@AiAh}u `` vojlEMqoA ulA CJ HvARAoGeBorhqAuOlA[lCJ vADebvB Fuji Police, (At the time, the drama "Wah-Ooku Rebellion" in the cast)lsignal of when a child comes in, the sergeant Okamura, "l, the squid did? "Remarks, together withTA Rina Uchiyama, and a lot of variety performers Koike Eiko even at a loss for answers," The three of them, I said - and l got to do is squid, "returns I know a lot of comedy actress was washed away by the ticker.

[ W ] J Rain woman

  • gu J vB His "Rain Woman" has been declared.
  • AtKjX^KsA]O3N~JnAbJB After the civil war in Afghanistan wasI during the visit, the rainfall over the previous three years, the land was dry, heavy rains brought grace.
  • PjAKANmJn`}TC~JB Dry season in Kenya during the visit, during the annual dry season in the drinking water has been struggling to ensure local people's traditional Masai to the great joy brought more rain.
  • FIFA[hJbv 2002ePgAE10KAFA~J A AA@xoB FIFA World Cup Japan and South Korea in 2002 when it served as a goodwill ambassador, who visited South Korea for more than 10 times on the ladder, with no clear date, rainfall across the board, or sand storms, snow, and even when traffic is paralyzed Or in-flight lightning struck twice to have the experience.
  • 2007N 217c_A{l\zJVALIuJ~~B February 17, 2007 Ikuta Shrine was married at the beginning of the rainy weather was expected of him, and ended weddings a press conference after the rain~NDA moment.
  • 2007N530A zeI[N_ i _s jIAOVRJVB May 2007 30-day, the Hotel Okura Kobe (Kobe, Chuo-ku) on the day of the wedding reception of a sunny day until the rain like that was a lie. A{JB However, the rain ceased to be a production.
  • }Ce[}\OASKAw J xB ASKA's own MAITEMASONGU the beginning of the rain always is, he said.

[ W ] I wedding reception

  • 2007N530AzeI[N_IsB 2007 May 30, at the Hotel Okura Kobe wedding reception held. l{ernB The pattern composer in the air.
  • iav{u ieAiET[ jAt|\EyAyF Av[gA cajA [fBRu 19n21II vv[gB Chair of Kazuo Norimitsu and Shinobu Matsumoto (NTV announcer), where he was a toast to the seniors in the entertainment industry, but the office hit in the juniors, Ken Utsui, then Township Mino Hiro gift of singing, Shimadaa congratulations from the Moody Katsuyama from "19 to start at 21:30 wedding song ends," a song titledRIGETA at present. IwLloB Norikawalso associated with a number of celebrities attended the meeting.
  • n24.7% An31.0%2lGn40.0%A21IIp}[NB The ratings of 24.7 percent in the Kanto area, and 31.0% in the Nagoya area and two in the Kansai area is home territory for the ratings as high as 40.0%, and in the 21st century from a wedding reception in the relay marked the highest number .

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[ W ] Q[LN^[ Game Character

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[ W ] G magazine

ulhrrvPN "MISS" for one year in the College of Canada for its personal endeavor

AuvI@GbZCSB At present, "Cho-owned mail centers," she Norika lie in charge of an essay. g^lCBRASHII sentences and life-size photo of the most popular.

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  1. ^ 2006N1210[A2007N217c_s\B ^ 2006 to December 10, already is betrothal, 2007, February 17, Ikuta Shrine will be at the wedding. E[U[\[Vlbg[N A MySpaceB Most users in the world in a social network, MySpace start.
  2. ^\P Aw AFCc AwtB ^ A costume \P to OSUBERAKASHI, thew, a makeover is white in c, blackwt hakama. 3AqC\uFvi2007N8juCOdv~B In March, the stage was scheduled to play the heroine, "whispered the color of that day" (August 2007) to "have another job abroad," quit.
    • 2006N410A swqB 2006 April 10th, Kakogawaqwand register their marriage at a government office. 5AwI-nbs[EXsbg-xB May, is written oneself, Norika soul - Happy Spirit - of the release. }bWu[u~`Ev MARIJJIBURU by "circular alopecia," was revealed to be
  3. ^ 2006N1013B ^ Broadcast Oct. 13, 2006.
  4. ^ w WNSPORTS x{lkB ^ A junk-SPORTS, in a tale of his.

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